Sona Beauty Soap (Jumla )

60,000.00 TZS 72,000.00 TZS

Sona Beauty Soap (Jumla )

60,000.00 TZS 72,000.00 TZS
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How to Use, Wet Skin, Gently Massage Soap On The Skin, Do Not Rub. Let It Sit For Just A Few Seconds. Then Rinse Thoroughly With Cold Water, Leaving Residue Will Cause Skin To Itch And Feeling Sore.

Ingridients, Refined Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Refined Glycerine, Vitamin A Solution, Triethanolamine, Fixative, Colarant, and Deionized Water.

Customer satisfaction, There are many similar products in the market today that make the same promise but fall short. With Sona Beauty Soap, you are assured of world- class herbal products

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